Salisu is a non governmental organisation established on 1st October 2005 low-income indigenous Tanzanians to  operate on district level then in 5th April 2012 officially registered to operate on national level.  The main aim of improving the living condition of our people from the lowest level they are to the highest level they are dreaming on everyday and protecting the nature.

SALISU aims at incorporating all communities realize their ability, available opportunities,their natural resources, to make targets and implement well as a progression from a lower standard of living to a higher standard of living.

We live in rural villages, our food comes from the soil, our fuel comes from the woods, fodder comes from the pasture, our water comes from the streams, our fruits come from the tree around our huts, no electricity lines and we cultivate our fields a tiresome tool – a hand hoe.

SALISU would like to protect more lives, to provide comfort for more people; to nurture more human lives and provide a favourable atmosphere for the development of our residents.

SALISU alone is not able to comply all its programs without great support,assistance,cooperation from the International Foundations e.t.c

We do invite all Donors, Benefactors, Foundations e.t.c. worldwide who would be interested in our programs to join and work closer with us. You are all welcome.

We do hope that in our togetherness we will try to find workable solutions to the problems of hunger, poverty, disaster and underdevelopment.


These are the people who played a very great role in establishment of the organization, sacrificed their life, time, resources, devoted to work and help anyone in-need, encourage to love each other, have a difference, have peace and have love of the nature.


In our organizational structure, we are going to have program Coordinators, Expatriates, Volunteers, the Administration, Organizational Representatives, and Junior Staff.