Our Areas of Operation

Environmental Conservation:

A way to bring local people together to protect,conserve and manage their land,water, animals and plants so that they can use these natural resources to improve their lives, The lives of their children and that of their grandchildren. e.g. Endangered species, farm and food policy. To participate on reducing global worming and suddenly climatic changes.

Poverty and Hunger Eradication

  • To support grassroot Communities youth to establish development projects.
  • Enable Young people be interested in farming activities. The development of learning programmes,via community Radio & TV, can be a powerful starting point for making our youth more aware about sustainable agriculture and the world’s food system.
  • Fight to eradicate hunger and poverty. Advocate for increases to both the quantity and quality of assistance for agriculture, rural development and food as an important part of eradicating absolute poverty and hunger. SALISU hopes that if the grassroots of farming communities get involved in participation in more work, get more knowlodge,then produce more food, sustainable income, environmentally around techniques then decrease the number of hungry and under nourished people undoubtly better living conditions will be reached.

Sports and Culture Promotion.

  • To promote sports, music, Athletics to our youngsters don’t loose touch with our traditions. We would like to have a sports, Athletics,Music and Cultural school within our area, in order that our nation be in a forefront in an duternational sports, athlelics, Music and Cultural events if the friends of the organization would be interested to support and fund

Contribute National Efforts on: HIV / AIDS Prevention

  • To enlighten youths to take accurate ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies.
  • To sensitize rural communities against the danger and effects of HIV/AIDS which reduce the working population.
  • To support people affected with HIV/AIDS to get better balanced diet in order to prolong their life expectancy.

Care and Support:

  • Disabled people, Orphans, Widows, Vulnerable children, needy children from streets and poor families, be sure that they are cared and supported accordingly.
  • Help save the children living in rural poverty in Tanzania acceses to the resources they need, like a quality education, healthy foods,and apportunities to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.

Disaster Risk Reduction:

The organization will organize, prepare, train youth volunteers on Disaster Risk Reduction. Would have well trained youth groups on Disaster Risk Reduction Services as the Disaster Brigaders, be ready to any type of Disaster – Fire, Floods ,earthquakes, Hurricanes, Accidents, Famine etc.

Women and Girls Development Affairs:

  • In this world, Women are every day crying for their rights and be honoured as their opposite gender.
  • The organization values and encourage on their courageous envolvements in every development programs.
  • SALISU is on a forefront to promote women’s economic security, health,education and leadership.
  • SALISU is a friend of women and girls – would make sure that human rights violations and discriminational acts are ended up and make it a history

Youth and Kids Development Affairs: